Smart Factory offers a wide range of smart manufacturing services and solutions for the art sector.

You have an unique design idea, but do not know how to turn it into a physical object? Or maybe you want to restore the precious relics of the family or an artwork? Smart Factory team will help you to find the best solution.

By using a complex innovative digitization, modelling and materialization technologies we turn every designers’, artists’ and constructors’ virtual idea into reality. We can provide a wide range of services: digitize objects – people, sculptures, decorative architectural elements, furniture and materialize them in a selected material. Unique and solid geometrical shapes are produced without the necessity to piece it together from separate individual parts. We do it accurately, easily and quickly

We restore and replicate various artworks. It can be the reproduction of items that are characterized by complex spatial plasticity, which are difficult to replicate.

Full Smart Factory’s service list
Service list
Why choose us?
  • 3D technology pioneers and leaders in Lithuania
  • German quality, preciosity and high-end complexity for competitive price
  • The latest innovative hardware and software
  • Fast execution of orders (from 2 days to 2 weeks)
  • Easy reach (1-3 hour flight to any point in Europe)
  • Prompt cooperation (only 0-2 hours time difference to discuss the order over the phone or skype)
  • No customs. We are in the EU Single Market. Working language: English
Our experience & facilities
    • Experience of three-dimensional scanning, modeling, printing and milling technologies accumulate from 2012.
    • Our customers are companies, engineers, designers and museums, jewelers and sculptors, famous people, representatives of noble families, art collectors and other private individuals.
    • Considering needs of the client, we can offer a wide range of 3D technology services: