3D printing or Additive Manufacturing is referred a number of different waste-free production technologies where the product is formed by a layer-by-layer, using a laser, electron beam, stereolithography or other technological solutions. Some 3D printing technologies enable composition of different materials and colors, forming a materialized object. We offer our customers a quick and intelligent manufacturing services using a 6 3D printing technologies:

  • Metal printing (DMLS – Direct Metal Laser Lintering)
  • Plastic printing (SLS – Selective Laser Sintering)
  • Plastic printing (FDM – Fused Deposition Modelling)
  • Colored plaster printing (InkJet)
  • 3D printing using coloder plastic (MJPMultiJet Printing)
  • Printing from liquid resins using a photopolymerization process (SLAStereolithography)

We apply all these techniques for finished products, parts and prototype manufacturing. We use these materials: titanium, cobalt-chrome, steel, bony gypsum, nylon (polyamide).

3D printing is particularly attractive technology of extremely complex geometry product materialization because unlike milling model provides unlimited freedom of geometrical complexity. 3D printing also helps to significantly reduce the weight of the structure, since it allows to optimize the topology, and to realize such detail structures that can not be obtained using traditional metal forming techniques. 3D printing can release your fantasies, and impossible objects for traditional production turn into reality.

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Preferable product material:
PA2200 - polyamide, nylon (white plastic)Ti6Al4V – titaniumMP1 – cobalt chromeABS – plasticPLA – plasticColored plasterHigh speed steal

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