We provide industrial design, computer aided design and modeling services using a non-parametric and parametric measurement software. We work with Freeform, Rhinocheros, Solidworks, and other software packages.

  • Freeform software enables us to create original models or modify the most complex and stylized organic forms patterns quickly and efficiently. Using Freeform simulator that creates realistic 3D sensing conditions with reversible reaction, we can easily create multiple pattern designs, textures options.
  • Rhinocheros software can create, edit, analyze, animate objects of any shape or complexity, turn them into a special type of NURBS surfaces, which help the model displayed.
  • SolidWorks software includes all aspects of the product development process, such as design, product inspection, design, and data management. Our designers and engineers can design multiple products at the same time, shorten the design cycle, increasing productivity. These advantages allow us to provide innovative products to market significantly faster.

Therefore you define goals, and we do all technical and creative implementation. We design industrial parts and components, optimize their topology, depending on the materialization opportunities which are ensured by 5 + 1 axis milling and various 3D printing (additive manufacturing) technologies. We help to design practical, wide and individual use of their distinctive appearance products, verify their strength characteristics in simulation using final element analysis (BPA) software ANSYS, and select manufacturing technologies and tools.

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Preferable product material:
PA2200 - polyamide, nylon (white plastic)Ti6Al4V – titaniumMP1 – cobalt chromeABS – plasticPLA – plasticColored plasterHigh speed steal

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