Wood is a natural product used in many areas. It is quite easy to handle and has good and unique properties. Each type of wood is different: hardness and density, as well as its appearance and texture. Sculptors often use wood for their masterpieces, however it tends to crack and break, therefore, in our production we use laminated wood. Usually the products are produced from birch, ash, oak, beech or mahogany, but regarding the client’s request there is a possibility to produce objects from exotic wood types such as teak and ebony. It is important to note that using exotic wood types will prolong the order completion time.


Specific types of wood are selected according to its unique characteristics:

Birch – soft, medium weight, fairly strong, resilient, easily processed wood, but not highly resistant to atmospheric changes.

Ash – very hard, fine, elastic, hard to process, moisture-sensitive wood.

Oak – very hard, fine, dense, firm but supple, durable, easy-treated wood.

Beech – very hard, fine, dense and strong, easily processed wood.

Mahogany – solid, relatively easily processed, resistant to moisture wood.

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PA2200 - polyamide, nylon (white plastic)Ti6Al4V – titaniumMP1 – cobalt chromeABS – plasticPLA – plasticColored plasterHigh speed steal

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