In order to ensure the quality of goods and services, being a part of Ortho Baltic group, Smart Factory invests in the quality of the system and its maintenance. Our quality control measures are implemented throughout the manufacturing/service cycle. Ortho Baltic group quality management system complies with ISO 9001: 2008 standard. Also in 2014 management quality conformity assessment firm Det Norske Veritas made recertification and continuing care of Ortho Baltic Group.

Measurements and Quality Control assurance

Measurements and quality control is carried out using a contact measurement methods, geometric inspection. As well as using 3D scanning tools, with contactless method we scan measured object and compare it with the 3D model with the special software. Smart Factory offers the following quality control services.

Analysis and visualization of internal voids. This verification is carried out with X-ray micro-computed tomography system (micro CT). Industrial micro-computed tomography (micro CT) helps to identify the internal parts defects of industrial or medical implant, and the density distribution using geometric measurement, nominal to actual models comparative and wall thickness measurement analysis.

Scanned parts and CAD model geometric comparative analysis. After scanning the product with X-ray micro-computed tomography system (micro CT)  or coordinate measuring machine (CMM), we create a deviation map, which indicates whether the scanned product meets the CAD model. Additionally, wall thickness analysis can be applied.

Geometric measurements of the part according working drawings. In order to determine whether the product conforms to the drawing, object is scanned with X-ray micro-computed tomography system (micro CT) or coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and new dimensions of the object are represented in the drawing.

Comparison of two scanned models with each other. After scanning two objects with X-ray micro-computed tomography system  or coordinate measuring machine (CMM), it is possible to measure the similarity level of scanned parts.

Product surfaces quality control. Using stereomicroscope we can identify micro damages, perform an inspection of geometry, and even make a digital image of an observed surface.

Surface roughness verification. With surface roughness meter we can measure a surface roughness for various objects, especially when their surfaces are polished. In this way we assure that particular surfaces of your products have reached required roughness.

XRF chemical analysis of a manufactured part. The quality of an object is determined by X-ray fluorescence elemental analysis: identifying chemical compound and impurity of an object‘s material.

Non-destructive testing. It identifies the weakest zones of a part, which has to be improved. Final Element Analysis Software – allows to perform non-destructive testing by virtual calculation of static, dynamic, and fatigue parameter values.

Industrial computer tomograph scan results – in clients work place. In case of need this new service allows to evaluate scan results either by Smart factory team or in our customers work place. You can find the “myVGL“ software for the scan results on the official website. Fill the required information and the installation package will be yours.

Measurements and Quality Control Case Studies

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