Reverse Engineering – is restoration of design solutions of any man-made object (product) according to the item (product) sample. If the product is worn or broken, or product is a part of the complex structural component, for restoration it is also required physical samples or drawings of the adjacent assembly parts with which restored part is making a contact.
Reverse engineering is used to move the geometry and design of real products to the 3D technology-based computer modeling (CAD) programs, final element analysis-based depleting testing software systems, simulation and other applications. Reverse engineering goal is to test and improve their own products, to evaluate competing products and their technical characteristics, to simulate their performance dynamics together with other structural units or in the environment, to evaluate the potential copyright violations, and etc. Therefore, reverse engineering is indispensable tool to improve existing products and new product development. It is worth to mention that reverse engineering is widely used in the industrial espionage, but we do not offer copying services of copyrighted products for your customers.

Stages of Reverse Engineering

With a wide range of services and production technologies, we are able to offer a variety of industrial solutions:

  • individual, non-standard parts modeling and / or the materialization,
  • small-series production of standard parts.

We scan, design and produce products or their individual parts for direct use and industrial or artistic (design) prototypes. We produce for all industries, present created, simulated and materialized industrial design samples directly into the customer’s hands. This can be a PET container bottles, innovative packaging, various bearing structures fittings, furniture fittings, automotive, industrial equipment parts and many other products that are even impossible to list.

Reverse engineering application possibilities

  • You have to new or improved product engineer idea and you would like to design and produce a functional prototype, but you do not have quickly and inexpensively tool to do it?
  • Your antique car or even well-functioning machine, aircraft, which has long been not produce, detail has broken? Encountered other similar problems when a small defect caused huge troubles?
  • You have created a new product designs and want to produce a prototype of the product at minimum cost and in a single copy, in order to demonstrate to clients or those you want to make interested in this product?
  • You created three-dimensional work of art in plastic, fingers molding material, but do not know how to convert it into a physical object scaling transferred to metal, rock or other solid matter?
  • You want to restore the time exhausted precious family relic, a three-dimensional work of art, or produce exact copies of them?
  • And maybe also wondering how to copy the original structural unit not only externally but also internally without destroying it?

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