How can I get a price quote?

To get the 3D printing or milling services prices, in the boxes below or near the each services fill the required contact information, attach a document in * .stl, * .obj, * .wrl, .igs * * .stp formats, select the material of which you want to produce an object, in the “Messages” box type your wishes, comments or observations and send request to us.

To get the prices of 3D scanning, modeling, reverse engineering and measurement and quality control services, in the boxes below or near the each services fill the required contact information, if you have, attach a document, in the “Messages” box type your wishes, comments or observations and send the request us

If you fill contact details correctly, you will get a response within 8 hours.

Also, if you have additional questions, please contact with Smart Factory sales manager, which calculates to you the cost of the services according to your needs.

Smart Factory team
Tel. No.: +370 62040151

How do I pay for an order?

Payment can be made by bank transfer to the below mentioned account; bank card (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro and others served in Lithuania except American Express) or cash. Payments by credit card or cash are accepted only at the company’s headquarters located at Taikos Ave. 131a, Kaunas (Lithuania).

Account for payments: UAB Smart Factory, Company code 302726515, the account LT86 2140 0300 0274 9116 Nordea Bank Lithuania section.

Where can I see examples of Smart Factory products in person?

Before making an order, you are more than welcome to visit the company’s headquarters at Taikos Ave. 131A, Kaunas, Lithuania, where we show examples of our work. In the exhibition there are sculptures, coats of arms and interior elements, whose owners or developers gave the company the right to display their images, relics or authors’ works.

How do I order, create and produce my own or relatives sculpture?

The first step is to contact the sales manager. During the first conversation you will discuss what type of product or service is needed and other details. The next step is a meeting or conversation via e-mail, phone is conducted and production conditions are discussed. This includes the price, terms, product guarantee and so on. The contract is signed, a list of pre-scan procedures is given, a scan appointment time is set (or a file for production is sent) and an invoice for a deposit payment is given.

Order fulfillment is calculated starting from the date of the deposit’s reception.

How to order the family coat of arms?

These items are often developed from a customer’s drawings or photos. Therefore, the customer must discuss a lot of technical details and jointly work on the product specifications with the sales manager. At the same time the dimensions and material which will be used for its production are discussed. Using the details discussed the sales manager can estimate the cost.

If the customer orders a coat of arms, which requires special milling dimensions or it will be manufactured from materials which we do not hold in stock, the price calculation can take up to two weeks while suppliers submit proposals for materials.

Once the cost has been agreed upon, a contract for the creation and production of the coat of arms is signed. In this contract obligations of both parties are set, the guarantee of product quality is given, and the deposit payment invoice is provided. Order fulfillment is calculated starting from the date of deposit’s reception.

If the client has saved an old family coat of arms, that requires restoration, and wants to make a copy of the emblem, technical specifications are not required, unless there is a need to discuss the restoration of lost parts. In this case, the customer must leave the object with us, so we can digitize and transfer it to virtual space. This will allow us to virtually restore the coat of arms and materialize it in a restored form.

When and under what conditions can a contract be terminated?

If a customer is not satisfied with simulated virtual sculpture (or any other part of the order) image, the customer can refuse the virtual object’s materialization. In this case the customer only pays for the 3D scanning and virtual object modeling work. If the customer has ordered a non standard sized template and the required materials have already been ordered, the customer is required to pay 70% of the objects price or buy the object.

If a client refuses materialization of a virtual object, the client receives a CD containing the sculptures or other objects virtual image defined in the order.

The customer can refuse an order and cancel the contract only if the simulated virtual object has been identified to contain discrepancies that occurred during the scanning of the object or the technical specifications of the order. We must receive the client’s comments, within 3 working days, if this is not possible or the discrepancies are the clients own fault, we cannot remedy these issues.

Do you have any other questions?

Please contact us.

Preferable product material:
PA2200 - polyamide, nylon (white plastic)Ti6Al4V – titaniumMP1 – cobalt chromeABS – plasticPLA – plasticColored plasterHigh speed steal

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If you specify the correct contact information you will get an answer within 8 hours.