For scanning the surface and internal structures Smart Factory uses the following equipment:

3D scanning equipment is used applying following technologies:

Industrial Micro-Computed Tomography

Industrial Micro-Computed Tomography (micro CT) is an indispensable tool for determining the defects of internal industrial parts or medical implants, the density distribution in the geometric measurements, comparative analysis of nominal and actual models and their wall thickness measurements. Also, this equipment allows you to restore a 3D model of the required object accurately from the outside and the inside without destroying it (only with 10 μm tolerance). Industrial Micro-Computed Tomography allows to measure the object as an entirety and to separate its constituent parts for their operative position. Our operated Nikon equipment scans the X-ray source with high and bright image resolution of various materials, including plastics, small intimate and complex mechanisms of natural and organic surfaces. Therefore, this equipment is widely used in metrological verification, to control the compliance of the produced parts to the CAD model, third-party manufactured parts compliance with the benchmark, as well as to transfer the construction to the virtual space for further testing, using the final element analysis software.

3D structured light scanning

Regardless of the size of the object, its nature (natural organic surfaces, regular-shaped objects, etc.), and the required accuracy, we apply a variety of object scanning solutions. We use laser and structured light scanners. One of the most accurate real-life objects scanners is the Artec scanner, which provides up to 0.1 mm scanning accuracy. Artec structured light scanner scans the object several times faster than conventional laser scanners and the scanned object remains in a high resolution (up to 0.5 mm accuracy) and bright colours (texture resolution remains even 1.3 megapixels). Scanned objects are stored in an open format in the form of a digital file (STL, 3DM, VRML, OBJ, PLY and PCL formats). Artec structured light scanner is light and portable and with a charged battery can scan up to 6 hours without charging, so structured light 3D scanning services can be delivered anywhere in your chosen location, even in the absence of the power source. Artec structured light scanner can also scan people to create their perfect reduced human statue. The scanner does not use laser radiation so is absolutely safe for human scanning, as well as inanimate objects.

Precise 3D laser scanning

Because products and their details constantly become more complex and irregularly shaped, it is very important to scan curved surfaces of objects precisely, without touching them. Therefore, for objects whose size does not exceed 600x600x400 mm, we offer a particularly accurate 3D laser scanning service. The Nikon scanner ensures measurement accuracy, speed and quality of the results obtained, skillfully adapting the laser settings for each measured point in real-time. The various product materials and their mixtures surfaces, colours and curves can be measured more efficiently without engineer intervention or manual control. With the Nikon laser scanner, we can ensure accurate measurements with a 3 µm and a lower margin of error. This is significantly better accuracy than the most accurate 3D metal printer can ensure with a single layer of a minimum thickness of 20 µm. With this laser, we can scan even very glossy surfaces in which undesirable reflections are neutralized with an advanced software filter.

3D coordinate measurement

By providing dimensional coordinate measurement and inspection service, we connect and use the contact and non-contact sensors, and can carry up to 600 x 600 x 400 mm in size object coordinate measurement with a 3 µm and a lower margin of error. Various Nikon sensors can be replaced very quickly in order to evaluate and combine the geometry and dimension of the surface in a single inspection subject. Coordinate measurement services include industrial mass production group products measurements, roundness measurements, measurement of the surface completion, measurements based on the CAD model, SPC and process capability studies


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