Pressure dyeing service. Even more colours!

After days of thorough tests, analysis and quality measurement Smart Factory team is proud to present an innovative alternative – pressure enrichment of paint at high temperature or, in other words, pressure dyeing.

This pressure dyeing technology is a replacement for dyeing with aerosol or powder paint, which is used for printed products with SLS technology from PA2200 plastic. Some of Smart Factory customers have already been familiar with the service, but we believe that for some it may become a discovery in the field of prototypes and serial production.

After choosing a pressure dyeing service, you will discover its great advantages:

  • The product looks aesthetic and fully finished.
  • The colour is evenly enriched with 0.5 mm to the surface of the product without additional paint layers.
  • The surface is plotted in order to make it smooth
  • Gently polishing creates the surface with the matt gloss.
  • Easy cleaning, especially of a dirt
  • You can choose from standard 17 colors or dye on request with the colours in RAL and RGB palettes.

Alongside with the pressure enrichment service you can order additional service – impregnation of the parts (providing the product with hydrophobic properties). Sounds perfect? Try it yourself!

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