Tumbling machine complements the range of Smart factory services

Smart Factory can offer new service in their wide range of facilities – tumbling of products using polishing machine. It is a device that creates a frictional force between the media beads and the object by vibrating at a certain frequency. It is used to change the properties of an object’s surface.

The new machine has all the necessary programs prepared and tests done. From now on this surface finishing machine is ready to be used in full spectrum of operations and extensive use in production.

Tumbling machine, like tumbling process itself, is useful in different processes:

  • Cleaning of details printed on SLS technology;
  • Smooth surface finish;
  • Polishing of titanium and polyamide nylon parts;
  • Consolidation of supporting structures of photopolymer products.

This machine allows you to use less manual work. Also, improves the surface of the parts if necessary – it becomes brighter, smoother, the layering traces are even less visible.

Tumbling service is ordered separately from 3D printing, and the cost of the service is calculated based on the number of items, size, weight and time needed to reach the desired result. A specific deadline is given upon request.