Breathtaking objects with hydrographic technology

Smart Factory team continues widening offered services. Let‘s meet a Hydrography this time – a technology that has already attracted many of the customers. This technology, also known as immersion printing (also Water printing, Aqua printing), allows to transfer graphic design  (f.i., carbon fiber, camouflage, wooden texture, cartoon characters, flames, etc.)  on the surface of the selected object.

Objects can be as follows:

  • 3D printed parts
  • Interior or exterior parts of the car, decorations, ducts, panel parts, mirrors, thresholds, etc.
  • Wheel rims
  • Everyday household items – vases, photo frames or even glassware
  • Sports equipment – skis, snowboards, helmets
  • Bicycle, motorcycle, quad bike decoration.

Because of the lacquer used in the last steps of the production items have perfect aesthetic look  as well as become even and shiny as new ones. Hydrographic technology can be used on plastics, wood, plaster, glass and metal surfaces.

Do not miss the opportunity to change your desired object in a breathless way!