Mass production with 3D printing? Why not!

At this moment manufacturing based on 3D technologies is on a top floor. Science and technology lovers has already known that the main advantages of additive production, or in other words, 3D printing, are speed, low cost, extremely high quality, the ability to have unique shapes, etc. Step by step those benefits are also found by manufacturing companies which want to have more 3D prototype or functional components, and eventually available for serial production.

With the various competences  and 3D printers (SLS technology EOS P396, SLA Formlabs 2, DMLS technology M280 and Inkjet Projet 660 Pro), Smart Factory team perfectly fulfills the needs of serial production and even the orders of several thousand items.

Even working with industrial quantities, when the variety between single and mass production is wide, orders are executed:

  • Precisely. Even the most sophisticated geometries are created, which would not be possible to produce with other methods.
  • Low cost. Exceptional products exclusively for a small price in comparison with the usual forms of production (molding, processing of materials, etc.).
  • Eliminating unnecessary weight. It is possible to choose the parts with a partial filler or porious in order to get the best result.
  • High quality. The products are obtained in the same way and as accurately as desired at the time of placing the order.
  • Individually. There is a possibility to make modifications in every press.

A series of additive production is designed to meet different consumer needs, especially when needs are rapidly changing. Smart Factory team is happy to fulfill dynamic orders by making the client unbundled with one design, the latter being upgraded or even a cardinal change.

Unlimit your imagination! Additive production gives you the freedom to do what conventional technologies are powerless, even individualized serial or mass production.