The Tour for Master Students from KTU

On 12 October, 2016 Smart Factory was visited by graphic communications engineering program 2nd course of master degree students from KTU. Young professionals has nearly 2 hours tour in the Smart Factory engineering facilities. There were presented our used 3D printing technologies (SLS, DMLS, InkJet, FDM, SLA), 3D printing process, starting from the scanning, modeling and ending with printing or product reworking. Also there were introduced our Quality Control Laboratory and our greatest equipment: microcomputer tomography (μCT) and 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM). As the visiting students are the future press and advertising professionals, there were presented application possibilities of 3D technologies for promotional products.

We are a socially responsible company and seek to cooperate with Lithuanian universities, to educate the young generation in the field of innovation, introduce the latest technologies and demonstrate 3D printing, modeling, scanning and quality control capabilities, for art and industry.

We are glad to promote the students to seek knowledge in 3D technologies!